What We Learned: Swansea

No goals means no final for Chelsea. Chelsea bow out of yet another tournament and lose the ability to win another trophy. Chelsea can now only win 3 trophies, but started with the ability to win 7. The headlines aren’t Swansea getting into the final, but Hazard getting a red for an apparent kick of the Swansea City ball boy that Chris Foy deem it as violent conduct.

Scorers : 


What We Learned : 

1. Demba Ba isn’t the solution to our problems :

2. Another trophy lost :

3. Chelsea haven’t had luck with referees :

4. 1 man needed :

1. Demba Ba isn’t the solution to our problems : 

“A hint of simulation about the way in which he toppled under pressure from Davies. Nevertheless showed good movement and looked dangerous when trying to link up. Snatched at a half-chance in Swansea’s box when presented with the opportunity then went close just after the break.” However, he didn’t take his chances. Torres didn’t create chances nor did he finish them. Ba has given us glimpses of finishing them and certainly creating them, but the finishing is what we lack. Ba has 3 goals since joining Chelsea and all 3 are against Southampton. He’s a good buy, but problem isn’t solved.

2. Another trophy lost : 

Once again, we’ve lost out on a final and winning the trophy. For the 5th time this season, we’ve either lost/been kicked out of a tournament. 3 under Di Matteo 2 under Rafa. It’s a shame, but we what has been our bread and butter in our recent history is no longer. We’re accustomed to making the final and winning in just about every tournament, but this season it’s been the opposite. The problem is not just 1, but many and today and in the 1st leg we proved how weak we’ve become.

3. Chelsea haven’t had luck with referees : 

Although we’ve been awarded the most penalties this season, we’ve also faced a lot of controversy this season – United, QPR, Swansea, City, etc. The FA has seemed to picked us as it’s little dog. They bully us constantly and we don’t get the decisions we deserve. I had to be involved with referees and their controversies, but it’s a pain for everyone in the English Leagues. We always hear of bad decisions and mostly it’s us that get the worst end possible. Nevertheless, we must move on.

4. 1 man needed : 

Mourinho. That’s the man needed. The Special One has been linked with a sensational return and hopefully it comes true. The club legend’s return would put Di Matteo’s sacking and Rafa’s brief stay away from the headlines and minds of fans. It’s obvious that he wants us and we want him. To put an end to this misery, he’s our only option. It’s just that simple.

Other Points : 

1. Marin not playing, therefore loan him.

2. Rafa isn’t impressing me as much as hoped.

3. Swansea too solid defensively.

4. John Terry’s return needed.


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