What We Learned: Tired and Toothless

Manchester City v Chelsea - FA Cup Fifth RoundChelsea went crashing out of the FA Cup after a 2-0 defeat at the Etihad, but it could have been worse. Chelsea didn’t manage even a single shot on target with just two shots on goal, just sums up how miserable the performance was.

City were fresh having not played on the weekend and made use of it in the best possible way. Missing Aguero and Fernandinho, City still kept a strong grip on the game and Nasri returning to make a substitute appearance really helped them.

We didn’t look threatening at all:

Chelsea looked really tired just like we saw against West Brom, even though i wasn’t expecting us to win today but the performance put out by our players wasn’t the most pleasing. Goalscoring wise we never really posed a threat and defensively we really missed John Terry. In midfield there was no intensity at all, the tempo was really slow which allowed City to keep their shape nullifying any chance of us posing a threat.

David Luiz had a really poor game today:

Cahill – JT is the best possible CB pairing for us and today once again it showed. Luiz make no mistake has fantastic ability but having ability is one thing but realizing it on the pitch is the real deal and Luiz fails to show up as a defender. He can play well in the double pivot but with every passing game as a fan i find it hard to see him getting a spot in Chelsea’s defense. 

He was caught watching the linesman as Nasri breezed passed him to make it 2-0. It’s the defense that gives us the shot at the title considering our weak forward line and David Luiz is fast becoming the weak link.

David, i love you but as a Chelsea fan i want performances. We need JT fit for the UCL knockouts or else King DD will give Luiz nightmares.

Hazard needs a bit of rest:

This man over the past 2 months has been brilliant for us, definitely our best player but he is tired and it’s quite evident. He had a quiet game against Brom and today was no different. Knowing Chelsea’s game style it is very hard to keep playing high intensity football consistently and Hazard by the looks of it has reached his limit and needs a couple of games off to freshen him up.

We need Eden at the peak of his powers at the business end of the season. Recharge his batteries Jose!

Hope the week’s rest will do.


Jose could have made changes but didn’t:

Jose could have made changes to the Starting XI and probably should have given Schurrle or Salah a start but he didn’t, why? Either he didn’t trust the quality of the backup players to avoid a fair beating from City or he simply had too much respect for the Cup.

Chelsea are not out though and have got the 2 bigger prizes to aim at, League and the UCL. Chelsea needs to prioritize what comes first? For me, having achieved the Holy Grail and the Europa League over the past two seasons now is the time we taste some domestic glory too, so Chelsea by all means should prioritize the league over the UCL, this season atleast. We need to keep our players fresher for league games because i believe who ever has the longest run in Europe will falter in the league.

Anyways we have a good 1 week rest for the players to freshen up. Need to overcome this minor blip and try taking all three points against Everton.



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