2017 UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL HOTELS, CARDIFF June 3RD & KIEV 2018 - CLICK HERE to BOOK HOTELS PACKAGES What we learnt from the Community Shield match!

What we learnt from the Community Shield match!

What we learnt from the Community Shield match!

So Chelsea started their efforts for 7 cups today at Villa Park in the Charity Shield match against Man City, which is effectively a promoted friendly match. It carries no real value in my eyes, and I certainly wouldn’t count it as a major honour in Chelsea’s history. For me it’s on the same level as the tournaments we win in pre-season in Asia or the US. Aka meaningless. That point cleared up, I’ll state what we Chelsea fans have learnt from the first 90 minutes of the season.

First off, Fernando Torres is well and truly back, and sharp. He showed at the Euro’s just what a class act he still is, taking away the golden boot, and it was clear to see today that he’s got his confidence back. For me Torres was never going to be fully comfortable in a Chelsea shirt when Drogba was still on the scene. He needed to know he was the main man in order to feel comfortable. He took his goal very well, wrong footing the goalkeeper, with what was his first and only chance of the game. This was reminiscent of the old Fernando Torres and the Torres we saw at the Euros. Give him half a chance and he’ll punish you. This should be a very successful year for Torres.

The next thing we learnt is that Mata is far from fully fit. He looked tired and very leggy, which is no surprise considering he’s been away on international duty up until last Tuesday. His fitness will come eventually, but he definitely looked a few weeks away from being the Juan Mata we saw last season. This season a lot of the pressure will be taken off Mata, with Hazard and Oscar being seen as two other players who can deliver that killer final ball. Towards the end of last season Mata did seem to burn himself out. Ideally he would have had a break, but that’s not to bed.

The defence needs work. Obviously with the Ivanovic sending off, it would be hard to judge the defensive side of the game. But overall in preseason we’ve looked shaky at the back, and I think Mikel needs to get his role sorted soon. He was so impressive in the Champions League final, and we need performances like that every week. Not doing anything fancy, just keeping the ball moving and protecting the defence. If we’re going to play with array of attacking players that we wish, Mikel’s role will be key to our success. Ok, he’ll never be a Makelele, but he needs to reach a level which is consistent and which justifies his selection.

Other notes to point out. RDM made two substitutes, who combined for the second goal. Credit should be given for that. Bertrand may well be deployed at times this season in the left winger position, as he can offer defensive cover to Cole, along with a threat going forward. He has real pace and a great cross on him, which again gives us another option.

Overall, I wouldn’t be too worried about today’s result as Man City lost this game last season and ended up winning the league. Maybe a repeat this season? RDM has a week now to settle things down with the team, which won’t be helped with the international break. The real work starts on Sunday at Wigan, and I can’t wait for the season to get started!


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