2017 UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL HOTELS, CARDIFF June 3RD & KIEV 2018 - CLICK HERE to BOOK HOTELS PACKAGES Where Is The Weakness In Our Team and What more we need to buy?

Where Is The Weakness In Our Team and What more we need to buy?

Where is the weakness in our team?
So far this summer, we have recruited 4 new players and three of them will almost certainly feature for the first team.  However, we still need to buy a couple more to improve our squad. But where exactly do we need to improve? Let’s take a look at the areas where we can improve:- 


Our RB Problem

1) Right-back: The main weakness in our team is the right-back position. Last season the team struggled without a proper right-back whenever Ivanovic was injured. Bosingwa was the preferred chice, but he was a liability in defence & Chelsea fans dreaded seeing his name in the starting line-up. We’ve been linked with a few right backs, namely Maicon, Debuchy and Azpilicueta but only the latter seems possible. César Azpilicueta would be the best option out of the three because of his age and capabilities in defending and attacking. Maicon has shown that he can be weak in defence, while a deal for Debuchy seems to have stalled.

2) Attack: Another area we seem to lack depth in is the centre forward position. Currently, we only have 3 strikers at the club & it seems likely that Lukaku looks to be going out on loan for the season, which only leaves us with Torres and Sturridge. It would be madness to rely on only 2 strikers for the whole season, considering the no. of competitions that we are taking part in next season. It’d be sensible for the club to sign a player like Hulk or Moses (Hulk being the preferred choice) who can act as a winger & also a back-up striker without really threatening Torres & Sturridge. We do need another winger, someone who can challenge for a position & also act as a quality back-up in case of any injuries/suspensions. 
There is no other clear problems in our squad but there could be improvements made. Which positions would you to like to see Chelsea improve in for next season? Do let me know! 
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