Which Right Back do Chelsea need?

Which Right Back do Chelsea need?

Chelsea has been one of the most active teams in the transfer window this time around. Having already snapped up 4 midfielders (Marko Marin, Eden Hazard, Thorgan Hazard and Oscar dos Santos) we are looking very strong in that region. However, there is one region that everyone knows we need to focus on. That of course, is the issue of a Right Back.

Having released Bosingwa, Chelsea are left with only Branislav Ivanovic to play in the right back position. Although he is doing a wonderful job playing there, we simply cannot expect a player to play every single match in a season. We definitely need a backup for him. The question is not whether we should sign a RB, its who we should buy to fill in for Ivanovic when he needs rest.

At the beginning of the transfer window, there were 4 players that Chelsea had supposedly short listed. They were: the young and upcoming stars Gregory van der Wiel and Cesar Azpilicueta, Maicon, a player who is aging but is effective nevertheless & Mathieu Debuchy, a player who has proven his worth in Ligue 1. During the Euros, van der Wiel’s disappointing performances for Netherlands prompted Chelsea to back off from going after him. Shortly after, Maicon voiced that he would only leave Inter Milan to join Real Madrid. That left us with two options- Azpilicueta and Debuchy.

If the reports are to be trusted, Chelsea are in a very good position to sign Azpilicueta and have “almost agreed a fee for him with Olympic Marseille”. On the other hand, Newcastle, who are also targeting Debuchy, have already had 3 bids rejected for him. Considering the financial might that we have at our disposal, it shouldn’t prove too hard for us to hijack this deal and bring Debuchy to Stamford Bridge.

The Chelsea fans are somewhat divided about who we should sign from Azpilicueta and Debuchy. Some fans feel that Debuchy would be a better signing as that would give Todd Kane- a youth player for Chelsea- an opportunity to prove himself when he develops and is ready for the Premier League. On the other hand, others, including me, feel that Azpilicueta would be the better option. He is a player who has already shown that he has immense potential and has age on his side. Another benefit of signing him would be that when Kane develops, he will have someone to compete with. If we sign the older Debuchy, Kane would not have much competition. Without competition a player cannot bring out his best as only the threat of being dropped from the team prompts players to surpass their potential and achieve their targets.

Only time will tell who we sign and how successful they are for the club. Till then KTBFFH!

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