Which Right Back Should Chelsea Sign?

The transfer window is still yet to be opened, but the transfer rumors and prediction are wildly spreading to every corner of the world. We have signed a few fantastic young players such as Eden Hazard and Marko Marin, and let go a few, to name Drogba, Kalou and Bosingwa. So with players leaving, we need to fill in the void they left. The positions that are particularly highlighted by Chelsea fans are the right wing and right back position. Whilst we have many options for the right wing, I personally consider the right back position to be given extra attention, simply for the sole reason that this is the only position we don’t have players to fill. In the last few seasons we saw Ivanovic fill in that spot, brilliantly I must say, but as we all know, for the coming seasons he stated that he would like to be played in the central of defense.
Some might say give Sam Hutchinson a chance, but the lad has only played a total of two matches since his comeback from December 2011. So it would be a big gamble, not to mention all the matches we’ll be going through next season. We also still have our long serving Paulo Ferreira, but his Chelsea days are coming to end as he will be turning 34-year-old next season, but I’d love to see him become a Chelsea staff or coach sometimes in the future. So one more right back would fit in perfectly.
Chelsea is reported in many medias linked to a few names for the position, namely Matthieu Debuchy, Gregory Van Der Wiel, Cesar Azpilicueta and Kyle Walker. These players are class right backs, but not all would fit in Chelsea, so which should we sign? First, let’s take look at them individually-

Matthieu Debuchy

Debuchy is currently a Lille player, and is also participating in the Euros for France. So far, he has been showing great performances, only to be doubted by the match last night against Spain. But lets not judge by one performance, as his three previously was great. And add to the note, he was played in midfield, not the right back. Age wise, he’s a little older than the other candidates, he turns 27 this year, but let’s not all forget, our talismanic left back, Ashley Cole, also came to Chelsea from Arsenal at the age of 26, so not too much of a difference. All in all, he’s a great right back, from how he played in the Euros, he runs forward when needed, and get’s back to defend quickly. Oh, I might add his tackles were also brilliant against England, wasn’t it? Chelsea and Newcastle are favorites to sign him, but Newcastle’s £4M bid was rejected, so now it’s all Chelsea’s to lose.

Gregory Van Der Wiel

This Ajax right back is considered to be the next Michael Reiziger by many, but his poor performance in the Euros has taken aback all interests clubs had. He was a vital player in the World Cup back in 2010 and gave a solid performance, he’s style of play is similar to Bosingwa, he prefers to do a lot more runs forward than stay back defending, so most of the time he doesn’t hold his covering responsibility on defense, but what differs them is Van Der Wiel defends better. Van Der Wiel was part of the Dutch players blamed for their disastrous campaign, alongside with Afellay and Van Persie. Voetbal International reported that Van Der Wiel, according to Dutch journalist Johan Derksen, was “working on everything except football, he has his own clothing line and was working too long on it. Plus he was working on hip-hop music and was getting his hair done every day. Players hardly saw him without headphones on. He wasn’t listening to music only during matches and training”. An interesting assessment, isn’t it? If he does come to Chelsea, I’m glad we have the likes of JT, Lamps and Cech to straighten this young fellow.

César Azpilicueta

Azpilicueta defending against Eden Hazard. Will they reunite as teammates in Chelsea?
Azpilicueta has been linked to Chelsea since last year, and was heavily considered to move in the winter transfer window early this year. To be honest, this lad is the player I would love to see at Chelsea. So many reasons why. First, at only 22, Azpilicueta has shown maturity in play, which Bosingwa didn’t have. He decides perfectly on when to go forward, and when not too. He understands that joining the attack is necessary, but his primary responsibility is his defending duties. He’s tackling is on par with Walker, but his best defending attribute in my opinion is his ability to read play, as he’s shown how good he is intervening passes. Another reason is his style of play. He’s fast and skillful. He defends really well, but he also offers a lot in attack. With his style of play, he could create great counter attacks and link up plays from way back all the way to the front. He would also fit in perfectly as we have Romeu, Mata and Torres to help him adjust to life in London. If your wondering on how a right back possesses a great attacking feature, the answer is, Azpilicueta began his career as an attacking midfielder in Osasuna. But because at that time the Osasuna senior team had injury problems in the back, he willingly played in right back, since then, he always played there. A great young player and proven.

Kyle Walker

Of all the candidates, Walker is the youngest. There hasn’t been too much speculation on him moving, as he has signed a new contract a few months back that keeps him in White Hart Lane until 2017. Never the less, Chelsea are still reported to be interested in him, and rightly so. Walker was named PFA Player of The Year last season, topping the likes of Aguero, Welbeck and Mata. Now compared to other candidates, we Chelsea fans are more accustomed to the abilities of Walker as Chelsea have played Tottenham in several competitions last season. He’s great defending, as he’s got the strength and tackles that is much needed in the Premier League, but he’s also quick. He runs forward but quickly gets back to defend. He doesn’t have the technical abilities Azpilicueta possess, but he’s got a fierce shooting ability as we’ve all witnessed on a few occasions last season. One advantage Chelsea would have if we sign him is he’s English, so that would come to play nicely for us and add to the home-grown rules quota.
as you all can predict, my money would go to either Azpilicueta or Walker. Debuchy is a class right back, but Azpilicueta and Walker simply blows him away with what these two younger lads can offer us. Whilst Van Der Wiel is a big no for me, we’ll just basically buy a younger Bosingwa with bad attitude. Even though I slightly fancy Azpilicueta, either of them coming to Chelsea would be great news. The sole reason I fancy Azpilicueta more is the fact that his style of play would give us more flair and “class” to our counter attacks and link up plays. Whilst Walker’s style of play is typical English wing back, similar to Cole, quick runs back and forth, but lacks the “sexy” easy on the eye style. But then again, it’s just a personal point of view. Both have a lot to offer in attack, but both are getting their defensive responsibilities done in a great manner.
So do you guys agree or have a different opinion? Let us know

 Till then, Keep the Blue Flag Flying High…

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