Who Is Chelsea's Biggest Rival?

Who Is Chelsea’s Biggest Rival?

Chelsea’s success over the past decade or so has seen many clubs stake a claim to being Chelsea’s “biggest rival”. But which team do Chelsea fans consider their biggest rivals? Which team do Chelsea fans yearn to see beaten? It’s a question that I won’t attempt to answer, rather I will take a look at all our rivals & you can decide for yourself. 

Traditionally Chelsea’s main rivals are their nearest and dearest Queen’s Park Rangers and Fulham and that will never change in the minds of the more senior fans. However you need to be playing each other on a regular basis in order to host a healthy rivalry and QPR haven’t been in Chelsea’s league for a long time, while Fulham have hardly been a threat to Chelsea over the past decade. It’s worth noting that the rivalry with QPR has flared up considerably over the last year (what with the John Terry-Anton Ferdinand saga) but QPR are still not a club that can challenge for even a top 10 League finish.  
Chelsea fans don’t like Leeds United, but not many fans do outside of Elland Road, following their infamous battles on and off the pitch in the 60s and 70s, while their rivalry with Cardiff recently exploded with violence in the streets. Capital counterparts West Ham United and the Blues also have a bit of history as well. The Hammers hate former midfielder Frank Lampard for supposedly “turning his back” on them and they give him dog’s abuse every time they meet. England captain John Terry is also subjected to the same treatment. Although both sides have made their own version of each other’s anthems, and bellow them out with gusto in the stands, I don’t think Chelsea see the Hammers as a real rival. You may prove me wrong.
Leicester City fans have had their fair share of run-ins with Chelsea down the years and then there’s Tottenham Hotspur. These two sets of supporters just don’t get on at all. More recently, clubs that have been challenging for the honour of being called Chelsea’s main rival are Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool.
At one time Chelsea couldn’t beat Arsenal for love nor money. The Gunners held the Indian sign over the boys from the Bridge, but that has all changed in recent seasons. Manchester United, like Leeds United, will always be disliked, mainly for the adulation they receive in the Press and the fans’ cocky attitude, but you can’t argue with their ability to win silverware. However, when you have two top sides up there battling for the main silverware year in, year out, then they instantly become rivals.
Then there’s Liverpool. At one stage the two sides clashed in every competition and it was certainly a battle of the fresh upstarts against the past masters. Liverpool fans couldn’t stand the way Chelsea and Roman Abramovich were buying, rather than earning, success (the fact that Fernando Torres, their once-beloved-now-passionately-hated #9 made the move to Stamford Bridge has added fuel to the fire). However, the game has moved on considerably since the Anfield giants ruled the game and you could say it was a bit of sour grapes on the Scousers’ part, but would you class the men in red as your main rival?
There are plenty of reasons for Chelsea to class all of the before mentioned teams as rivals, but who would you say is our main rival and why? Whatever your view, I’d love to hear from you.

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