Why Chelsea Don't NEED Another Striker

Chelsea have been one of the busiest clubs during the summer transfer window. Roman Abramovich seems determined to build on last season’s Champions League success, & the fans have seen one player after another being welcomed to Stamford Bridge. With the transfer window set to close on 31st August, many fans are expecting one more signing (the general expectation being that we will sign another striker). But do we really need another striker? Here are 4 reasons why I think Chelsea don’t need to sign another striker :-

1) An improving Fernando Torres– After a torrid 18 months at Chelsea, Lady Luck seems to be finally smiling down on Fernando Torres. The £50M man won the Golden Boot  for Spain during the Euros & seems to have carried that form & confidence into the new season. So far, he has scored 2 goals in 3 League Games for Chelsea, & it seems like there are many more goals to come from the Spaniard. And while he is still some way off from becoming the Fernando Torres of old, one can see that his form his improving. If he keeps on working hard & getting goals, expect to see him terrorizing defences in the Premier League sooner rather than later.

2) Able back-up in Daniel Sturridge & Victor Moses– Before you question my sanity, hear me out. While it’s true that many fans often get frustrated with Daniel Sturridge, one cannot deny that he has talent. And while I’ll admit that he frustrates me too, I still believe that he has a future at Chelsea. What is the one thing about Daniel Sturridge that we all hate? Selfishness. But look at it this way: What is one very important quality required in order to become a top-class striker? Selfishness. If we play Daniel Sturridge as a striker, his selfishness won’t be an issue at all, & will in fact help him. One of the major criticisms of Torres at Chelsea is that he has often lacked a killer instinct that stemmed from a lack of confidence & (to a certain extent) selfishness. So instead of spending £30-odd million on another striker, simply play Daniel Sturridge in his actual position. The selfishness problem will be solved instantly, & we can expect goals from him too. If he doesn’t fire, we always have Victor Moses who can play as a striker. In theory, we have a back-up for our back-up, which is more than ideal.

3) New world-class striker will affect future prospects– Romelu Lukaku had a frustrating first season at Chelsea, & joined West Brom on a season-long loan at the beginning of this season. We can’t simply forget about him just because he’s not part of Roberto Di Matteo’s immediate first-team plans. He’s not going to stay out on loan forever, is he? He is a talented young striker, & Chelsea didn’t get him on the cheap. He is already far down the pecking order at Chelsea, & the arrival of a new striker would limit his already-limited first-team opportunities. And let me make it very clear that Chelsea have no problems regarding squad depth. Ask yourself: Why ruin the future prospects of a player & (in the long-term) the club by trying to solve a problem that doesn’t even exist?! As the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

4) False No. 9 is an option– Again… before you question my sanity, hear me out! In case Torres &/or Sturridge is injured (or suffering a dip in form) and Robbie doesn’t want to play Moses as a striker, he can always play a formation that includes a False No. 9. Eden Hazard has played in that position before, & would certainly have no problems doing it again. And if Hazard is backed by a top 3 of Marin-Mata/Oscar-Moses, one can certainly expect a smooth passing game that can lead to goals. None of the above mentioned players lack in goal-scoring ability, & it certainly would be worth a shot. But let me make it very clear that the chances of this tactic being used range from slim to none. However, I certainly won’t rule it out as a viable option.

While I believe that Chelsea don’t need any more players, I won’t entirely rule out a move for a striker. It’s a known fact that Roman buys who he wants, so I won’t be at all surprised if we see a striker added to our already talented squad. But if we don’t sign anyone before the transfer window closes, I really don’t think we’ll suffer.



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