Why Chelsea Don't Need Marouane Fellaini

Why Chelsea Don’t Need Marouane Fellaini

Marouane Fellaini was one of several players linked to Chelsea during the summer transfer window of 2012. While the transfer didn’t quite materialize, the story refused to die down. A few tabloids claimed that Chelsea would make a swoop for the Belgian midfielder in January. However, I don’t think it will be a major loss for the club if we don’t sign him. Yes, we don’t need Marouane Fellaini.

Fellaini’s style of play can be described as that of a box-to-box midfielder, one who dominates the midfield while also being able to join in on the attack whenever needed. In the type of double pivot that Chelsea play in the middle of the park, 2 different types of midfielders are preferred: a defensive midfielder and a play-maker. Chelsea have both Jon Obi Mikel and Oriol Romeu to operate as defensive midfielders. As it is, Fellaini’s tendency to constantly venture forward means that playing him as a proper defensive midfielder would be suicidal. That leaves only one slot open for Fellaini to operate in: the play-maker. At the moment, the “play-maker” in Chelsea’s midfield is usually Frank Lampard or Ramires (even though it’s worth noting that it’s not in the strengths of either Lamps or Ramires to control the game). Super Frank is 34 now, so it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that he won’t be around forever. That would leave Ramires with no competition for that second slot in the midfield, right? Wrong.

Chelsea have 2 very young and talented central midfielders in Josh McEachran and Kevin De Bruyne out on loan. Granted Kevin De Bruyne is more of an attacking midfielder/winger, but he has operated as a CM for Genk and Werder Bremen and would be an ideal fit for the pivot. Josh McEachran is seen as an exciting & talented young midfielder who is just waiting for that chance needed to prove himself at the highest level. So far, both have impressed on loan. While De Bruyne has been in the news for racking up the goals, McEachran has been a regular for Middlesborough and has put in a few solid performances. Surely it would make more sense to give them a chance to prove themselves at Chelsea (considering their style of play is exactly what’s needed at the moment) instead of spending money on a midfielder whose style of play may not be fully suited to the pivot. Also, using Josh/De Bruyne and Ramires as our CM options would mean we have 2 CM’s who provide different threats in that position. Despite the fact that Ramires’ style seems ill-suited to the pivot, box-to-box midfielders can be successful playing in a double pivot. Yaya Toure has proved that at Manchester City.

Fellaini may be a “beast”, but it would be in the best interests of all involved if this beast were to stay away from the hunting grounds known as Stamford Bridge.

Shayne Dias

ChelseaFC 2012- 13 | Here To Impress | HD

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