Why Chelsea Will Compete For The EPL Title

Why Chelsea Will Compete For The EPL Title

Chelsea are a team that have won the Premier League 3 times since 2003, the last coming in 2009/10 under Carlo Ancelotti. It’s been a frustrating few years since we last won the EPL (Ancelotti’s last season, AVB), but things will change for the better this season. Why? Because Roman Abrahmovich expects us to win and win a lot, the EPL is certainly something he wants to win often. It’s been expressed with the firing of Ancelotti, AVB, Scolari and Ranieri. Also, we usually challenge for the title year in and year out, this year shall be no different. Another reason is the new signings and the new system under Roberto Di Matteo (4-2-3-1).

2004/05:  The 50 year wait was over. Jose Mourinho brought us the EPL title back. 1 loss suffered, 72 goals scored, 15 conceded resulting in 95 points beating 2nd place Arsenal by 12 points and United by 18 points. 2005/06 back to back EPL titles for Chelsea, the Special One doing it again. 5 losses, 72 goals scored, 22 conceded resulting in 91 points beating 2nd place United by 8 points, Liverpool by 9, Arsenal by well a lot. 2009/10 the EPL returns to the Bridge thanks to Carlo Ancelotti, 6 losses, 103 goals scored, 32 conceded resulting in 86 points beating 2nd place United by 1 point and Arsenal by 11. 3 great EPL seasons for us, that made all Chelsea fans happy and certainly showed what we can do with the right coach and right system.

Now lets look at the season that weren’t so great. First, 2006/07. 3 losses, 64 goals scored, 24 conceded resulting in 83 points and a 2nd place finish and 6 points behind champions United. What went wrong? Too many draws, 11 draws is too high and is a bit lower than the 3 EPL winning seasons combined. Draws are simply not good enough, especially at home. Away draws are acceptable under certain circumstances like vs United, Arsenal and such tough competition. Next, 2007/08. 3 losses, 65 goals scored, 26 conceded resulting in 85 points and a 2nd place finish and 2 points behind champions United. What went wrong? Too many draws (10). it’s not acceptable to draw that many games. Next 2008/09. 5 losses, 68 goals scored, 24 conceded resulting in 83 points and a 3rd place finish, 3 behind 2nd place Liverpool and 7 behind champions United. What went wrong? A high number of losses combined with 6 draws. 11 draws and losses is no good when combined. Last, 2011/12. 10 losses, 65 goals scored, 46 conceded resulting in a 6th place finish and many many points behind the Top 2. A dreadful season and our worst in years. What went wrong? Too many loses and draws, 20 combined. Too many goals conceded and poor style of play.

 What must we do to win and compete for the EPL? Have 3-5 losses and 5-6 draws, triple the amount of goals conceded to get the goals scored. Establish a team that you will use almost every week and have good replacements for each position or depth. Also, we must beat us competitors like City, United and Arsenal. Beating them home and away would be superb, or at least 4 points vs each. Another thing that we must do is take as many away points as possible and create a fortress around Stamford Bridge (as done before). These are the crucial steps we must take to compete and win the EPL again. These steps would have possibly of won us the seasons that we didn’t.

I believe we will meet all of the things listed above and compete and win the English Premier League fot 2012/13 season.

What do you think about Chelsea’s chances to win and compete for the EPL this season? Let me know on Twitter or via your comments.


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