2017 UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL HOTELS, CARDIFF June 3RD & KIEV 2018 - CLICK HERE to BOOK HOTELS PACKAGES Why giving Thibaut Courtois to Athletico Madrid in-part of a deal for Falcao would be a BIG mistake

Why giving Thibaut Courtois to Athletico Madrid in-part of a deal for Falcao would be a BIG mistake


Radamel Falcao has long been rumored to join us from Athletico Madrid. It’s been evident for this whole season that the weakest spot in the squad is the striker’s position. We only had Fernando Torres and Daniel Sturridge at the beginning but in January we signed Demba Ba and sold Sturridge to Liverpool. That was a really good business since Sturridge isn’t the type of striker that can play upfront by himself and had not been good enough to lead our front line. Sturridge can play at his best, when he is in supporting striker role, as he is doing now at Liverpool to Luis Suarez. Torres have been wasteful in front of goal for some time but, what he have done better than Sturridge is that when he doesn’t score goals, he assists his team mates and as we saw his assist for Mata against Reading(away), he is really has the skills to pass & assist. But, we still need another top, world class striker to boost the attack and Falcao is a kind of player we need up front. But, he doesn’t seem to be the best option since his price tag is too high.575258_456400397746004_138259303_n

But, Roman Abramovic has been a big fan of his since his hat trick against as which took away our chance of a European Super Cup glory. Recent news claims that chelsea are prepared to offer our on-loan keeper, Belgian starlet, Thibaut Cortois permanently to Athletico in bid to price away Falcao from Vecente Calderon. Express.com reported on Monday, February 11, 2013 that the deal is thought to be around 55 million pound plus Thibaut Courtois to get Falcao.


And doing so would be a BIG mistake by Chelsea officials, as Courtois is one of the brightest goal keepers to emerge in recent years. We have a top class, reliable goal keeper for years to come in Petr Cech, but after his contract expires in June of 2016, he may not be at the same level as he is now. And as he is in his 30s, So,  it was a wise move by Chelsea in 2011 to buy the promising Courtois from Genk  after he impressed in the season they won the Belgian Super League. Then, he went on-loan to Athletico Madrid and have remained their for the 3rd consecutive season now.

His progress has been very outstanding so far and he has been the first choice goal keeper in La Liga and in Europe for Diego Simone’s men. Getting a first team action by itself is a very good priority for a young player, but Courtois is doing it in a league that contains many top strikers, also two of the best players in the world in form of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. And that gives him a very good confidence that will help him when he finally riches his time to take over the No 1 from our legendary Blue, Petr Cech at Stamford Bridge.

So, instead of losing such kind of top keeper to Athletico, it would be a better option to go for another striker to bring to West London. Players like Gonzalo Higuain, Edinson Cavani, Robert Lewandowiski are very good options. And out of this players, only Cavani has a huge price tag like Falcao’s price. And Napoli have proven to be a tough negotiator when it comes to keeping their star player and only a huge transfer sum can price him away from Naples. Napoli’s president De Laurentiis have claimed before that they have rejected a bid up to 70 million euros.  And Manchester City and Real Madrid are also thought to be a bid admirer of Cavani and are likely to bid for him this coming summer. If he decides to join Real Madrid, that would open up a chance to get Higuain or Benzema from Santiago Bernabeu. Also, Romelu Lukaku is desperate to return to chelsea and prove his worth after returning from a loan at West Brom. There are another young strikers like Leandro Damaio who is a first choice striker in the Brazilian National team. Out all of this options, Falcao is a good striker but, considering his price tag and the aforementioned problem of us losing Courtois, I would like to see Robert Lewandowiski to come to Stamford Bridge.


As we can see, there are a lot of options to buy a top striker to bring to Stamford Bridge. So, it would be a huge mistake to allow Thibaut Courtois leave as it is very difficult to find an alternative young keeper to replace him as our future candidate to take over the lines after Cech.

Thanks for reading  Comment what you think of this rumor and which striker you think should be signed if we opted not to go after Falcao! 


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