Why Jump on Mourinho's back so soon?


After the Everton defeat a few ‘Chelsea’ fans have been saying that we where better under Benitez now I for one think that is a load of rubbish. Two different managers with different ways of their teams playing football. You cannot compare two managers especially after one of them has only been in charge for 3 months. Benitez was all about build up play and pace , even though he just inherited a team and in fairness the only thing that changed at Chelsea from RDM to Benitez is that Benayoun played a lot more than Marin. Benitez had the team just continue to play the way they where playing before he turned up. Jose likes fast counter attacking football that’s why he has bought in fast paced wingers. These fans cannot see what Mourinho is doing they want instant success and not lose a game, but every team loses a game they can never go unbeaten for years on end. Mourinho is trying to mix the old and new together so that when the next crop of young players come round we will have the new players from now being the old and they will be the one’s guiding the new younger players. He has improved our team but it will take time to fully see the potential and class the team has.

What JM has done to the team

He is slowly turning us into a fast paced, passing, counter attacking team. Where we can change it up to play possession football as well, now under RDM we could do counter attacking football but that is only because we didn’t have much other choice. Benitez and RDM wanted to play possession football and both got our team to play it well, with the MAZACAR coming into bloom and dominating matches between the 3 of them. He has added pacey wingers to our team and a world class striker along with an upcoming world class center midfielder, so we are set for a good few years before new players will start to be coming into the team.

What he didn’t do?

He didn’t do what a lot of people thought he would do and that was to add another Center Back to our team. I think he may have not done this as he has looked at the defense at the moment and thinks he can improve it without buying, which I think is true as he has kept Kalas from going out on loan and he is just another form of Ivanovic but with just a lot more pace in his game. With the upcoming youth players I don’t think we will need to buy any center backs or a right back for a while. Whereas I think left back we may need to look at a new player or go all in for Luke Shaw but leave him out on loan for a while until Cole either retires or just does not stay at his top performance level which I can see happening in 2-3 years so Shaw would just be turning 21. The rest of our squad we have youth players who would be ready to step up in 3-4 years so we are really sorted for at least a decade with the players that Chelsea have.

What should we expect from the team?

We shouldn’t expect to see the same dogged performances from the 1st time that Mou was here as the experience’s he has had and the teams he has managed has turned him into an attractive playing manager, he likes his teams to now pass the ball with precision and pace on his wings. He will slowly be turning us into that type of team this season and possibly next season as we have to learn and improve as a team together. I think in 2-3 seasons we should be complete and ready to take on any team playing our own style of football.

Has he learnt from his mistakes?(Mikel)

Against Everton we saw a more free playing Mikel where he was sharing the defensive covering of the defense giving him a lot more freedom to play his football and I actually enjoyed this version of Mikel playing. I know I criticized him a lot last year but I do believe if he does get the opportunity to play the way he did against Everton I can see him playing extremely well and actually could score some goals and get some assists. I think Mourinho has learnt from his mistakes from the first time round with Mikel and has given him a more free role.

Has Mourinho learnt from the past?

Has Mourinho learnt from the past?

In my opinion, I think he will do even better this time round as he has a lot more experience in the world of football now compared to when he first became manager. I can see him taking us to Champions League glory but I am not sure when that will be I think it will be in 2-3 seasons as our young potential players would become world class players and will be a tight nit unit as they would of been together for a good few years. Look at Lampard, Terry, Cole, Drogba and Cech and how close these 5 are that will be through the whole team as they would of been playing together for 3-4 years and bonds grow. I think he did mess up in one department and that was the whole thing with Lukaku I think he should of stayed and I feel we should of sold Demba Ba and kept Lukaku as we would of been better equipped I feel, and with him wanting to prove himself he would of been hungry to show what he can do.


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