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Why Mata hasn't Played a lot so far this Season

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This is just a quick article from me after coming back from my holiday. My usual In the Papers will be back up and running again this week and I have an article in process about what happened while I was away. Enjoy this short article.

I know this has been a hot topic with a lot of Chelsea fans some saying that he is being sold and some saying Mourinho doesn’t like him, this is all not true if you think about it Mata hasn’t actually stopped playing football for 3years now.

2010/2011 Season – Valencia

In his last season for Valencia he made a total of 43 appearances for them scoring nine goals and bagging a lot of assists.after this he went to the U21’s European tournament where he was included in the Team of the Tournament and recieved the award for the Tournaments best player. After the tournament he went on Valencia’s pre-season tour but came to London to finalise his move to the Bridge. Where he then joined up with his new teammates on the 25th.

2011/2012 Season – Chelsea

Mata made a total of 54 games for Chelsea this season. Starting with his 8minute long debut against Norwich where he also scored his debut goal for the club. He was a prominate feature in our team throughout the season. He went on to then go to Poland and Ukraine for the 2012 Euro’s making one appearance along with one goal the assist coming from Fernando Torres in the Final against Italy. He then went on to the London 2012 Olympics as one of Spain’s overaged players were they where knocked out at the group stages. After this he was given two weeks rest by then Manager Roberto Di Mattaeo as he had not had his summer break.

2012/2013 Season – Chelsea

Last season Mata made a record 64 appearances for Chelsea and was our best player by miles last season. We went to Japan, to the middle of Russia and other far away Eastern European countries. He had a lot of Travel Miles under his belt, at the end of the season he went to Brazil with the Spanish National Team for the Confederations Cup. Then came back to join up with the team for the Tour in the US.

What Mourinho has said

Mourinho has also said in a recent interview that the reason that he has not played Mata a lot so far this season is because he has played a lot of games already in the 3 years and he does not want to have Mata burn out half way through the season which is fair enough. That’s what Di Mattaeo did with him, he gave him a two week rest at the begininning of the 2012/2013 season.

In Conclusion

I think we should not worry about Mata not playing. Yes I do know he is our most influential player in the team, but all players need a rest from football every now and again. I can see him becoming our best player of the team with Hazard coming in close second for this coming season. Mata know’s what Mourinho is doing as they have talked don’t believe everything in the papers about those two supposedly having not talked yet or not even talked about Mata’s future.



Thanks for reading and please let us know what you think about Juan Mata’s form and his future in Jose’s starting 11. KTBFFH


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