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Why Mata is the best creative Spaniard in the EPL

Why Mata is the best creative Spaniard in the EPL
Our Little Spaniard Juan Mata has been in red hot form as of late. Scoring critical goals and grabbing vital assists in wins over Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham. His break in the off season has done him very well and he has come back better than ever. But how does he compare to the two other creative spaniards in the EPL, Santi Carzola and David Silva. Here are 3 reasons why Juan Mata outshines those other 2 spaniards.

1. Consistency: We can’t really apply this to Santi Carzola yet as he has not been in the EPL for long enough but we can compare Mata to Silva in this case. Early in the season when they are both fit they are up there with the best players in the world but later in the season is where Mata outshines Silva. During the latter stages of the season David Silva barely makes an impact on the pitch. As shown last season if it wasn’t for the heroics of Tevez and Aguero Man City would not have even been contending for the Premier League. Silva barely contributed to their title charge later in the season. When Mata is tired he may not be as effective but you can rely on him always to put up a solid showing against any team he plays against. He tries his heart out week in week out which always benefits the team.

2. Big Game Performer: This season Mata has been superb in the big games. He has scored against United, Spurs and Arsenal and has been a outstanding player in each of those matches. Carzola has played his ‘Big’ Matches against Chelsea and Liverpool. Both matches he was pretty much invisible even though he scored vs Liverpool due to some horrible defending and goalkeeping. Silva has been impressing in big games as of late like the Euro 2012 Final but when Man City have depended solely on him, has has not been up to the task

3. Underrated: This may sound odd but Mata outperforms Silva and Carzola partly due to the fact he is underrated. Because we have new stars like Hazard and Oscar in the team many forget about Mata. Same thing applied in the Spain squad. Because there is so much talent Mata is overlooked. All this just means is that when Mata does performs so well like he usually does, many people do not expect it. On the other hand Silva and Carzola are always expected to perform greatly and most of the time do not live up to expectations


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