Why Oscar Would Suit The 2-Man Pivot

At the moment we have a very good team. A striker who is scoring goals, dangerous creative players in behind the frontman, a strong defensive midfielder, a solid back four and a top class goalkeeper. But there is one thing missing in this team that would take us to another level. That is a deep creative midfielder. The two best teams in Europe at the moment, Real Madrid and Barcelona, both have deep creative midfielders in Xavi and Xabi Alonso. This is what sets them apart from other teams. If you are up against a watertight defence that will not allow cute passes in and around the box there is always someone like Alonso or Xavi to create a dangerous attack from deeper in midfield pulling the strings and expanding the play therefore creating a new dimension to the attack creating unpredictability. At Chelsea we have Mikel who is our rock in midfield who will sit just in front of the backline and do all the dirty work but in the 2-man pivot we have no creativity. Lampard sometimes offers creativity but he is too slow on the ball and always gets shut down. Ramires is the opposite as he offers pace but no real creativity.

There is one man who has the best of those two and his name is Oscar. Here are some reasons why Oscar would be a great fit for the Deep Creative Midfield role:

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– Build

At 6 ft tall Oscar is above average height. The only problem at the moment is that he has a very light frame but that is easier to change than his height. If he hits up the gym a bit more he could develop a build that is perfect for the deep midfield position. It means he is still agile and electric on the ball while being able to shrug off opponents.
– Shot
As we saw in the Juventus game Oscar has a brilliant shot on him. In Brazil he was known for scoring terrific goals from long range. Because he has this brilliant shot he offers another avenue to goal. Instead of continuously trying to pass our way to goal. Oscar can catch the defence out by taking long shots and because he is so accurate in his shooting, he will almost always score or force the keeper to make a save
– Pass
Oscar has a deadly accurate pass we all know that. His passes rarely go astray. A trait a deep creative midfielder needs to have is a reliable pass because if they give up possession cheaply they are in a bad situation but Oscar has a dependable pass that we can trust when placed under extreme pressure.
Conclusion: Oscar may be great in the three in behind the stiker but he could be just as good in the deeper creative role. He could eventually be the world’s best in that postion. If there is one complaint about three players in behind Torres is that they don’t really provide width. If Oscar moves to deep midfield someone who plays more on the wings can come into the side while Oscar moves into Deep Midfield. It will take some time for Oscar to adapt to the new position but with Mikel there to mop up his mistakes he will form great progress towards making the Deep Creative Midfield position his own.
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