"You can't win anything with kids"

“You can’t win anything with kids”

Goes the infamous saying from Alan Hansen back in 1994. Let’s be honest though Hansen is about as knowledgable about football as I am about floristry. Although I do prune a good rose.

After Sir Alex so beautifully shot him down Chelsea look to be bringing a new wave of youngsters into the greatest league in the world with interesting results. The media as they have since our rise to power 10 years ago seem to be against us, are milking every negative word that comes out of any has-been in world footballs mouth. We have started the season stronger than any team in England and having been “poor” and clueless we sit top of the league. The new crop of young signings has been questioned, criticised and ridiculed by many, especially the prawn sandwich brigade who seem to think a 29 year old injury prone £25M signing is the best thing to happen since sliced bread. “Too light-weight”, “will take along time to adapt”, “too much money for a kid” are all quotes thrown in the direction of Oscar. Oscar, who in his first two starts for Chelsea has been superb, gotten stuck in to tackles, created, provided and scored two quality goals, massive flipping of the bird to haters.

The point of this article will be clear as you read on and its one I wish overpaid pundits and journalists would absorb.

Age is just a number, Sir Alex will back me up to the rafters. Ryan Giggs (late 30’s), Paul Scholes (late 30’s) are still providing the class when according to many a pundit they should be curled up with a pipe in their slippers watching Murder She Wrote. These two are playing were in that side that was dubbed too young and have brought phenomenal success to the club in the past 20 years.. Class, technique, quality and passion are traits that are visible from a very young age, and with the right handling, passion and desire that ability can flounder deep in to middle-agedness.

The Chelsea side that currently occupy the last name of the Champions League trophy won it with a side that were “too old”, and this season we see a new breed who after just 5 games are starting to work beautifully with the experienced Chelsea spine. Stoke might not have been an easy game but the link up play was great. Juventus we were brilliant for about 75% of the game and we looked like a side that could certainly challenge for the trophy again. Chemistry comes with time. Class is permanent. When this side begins to gel it will arguably be one of the most gifted and varied (in terms of age) in world football. Barcelona, Man City and Chelsea are all adopting this approach which in terms of FFP is a welcome sight..

Moses is a fine example of clever spending, £9M for a super talented youngster with bundles of pace and skill, for me, is arguably one of the best buys of the summer, considering we almost spent £40M on Hulk. He’s showed in his brief displays the impact he can have on a game. Tuesdays game against Wolves will most likely bring Azpilicueta, Marin, Moses, Sturridge and Oscar a good amount of playing time and should certainly be an interesting watch.

What I hope, is that Chelsea fans stay patient, don’t read into the spiel coming out of pundits mouths and support a developing side that has the potential to be a great Chelsea side. It will take time, we will drop points and concede sloppy goals but with this time an understanding, a team ethic, and gelling will happen. It is inevitable when you employ quality, no matter the age!


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